Elegant, and engaging. Design for  brands, publications, buildings, and people.


Idalisse Sepulveda
is a multidisciplinary designer from Puerto Rico, based in Brooklyn.

She attended the University of Puerto Rico, which is where she also earned her Master's degree in Architecture. After earning her degree in Architecture and practicing for a couple of years, she decided to take the leap and expand her knowledge in the design field and New York was the best place to do so. In 2012, she coursed a Certificate in Graphic and Digital Design at Parsons School of Design.

In 2017, she attended a Monographic Course in Advanced Advertising Graphics at Seeway in Barcelona.

Idalisse is also one half of Soft Femme, a celebration of what it is to be vulnerable, earnest, and emotional in a patriarchal world that forces us to be hard. For more info visit